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Schedule of Fees

Some things do cost a little extra. Then again, you get a lot extra.

Schedule of Miscellaneous Services and Fees 
Wire Transfers  
           Customer (outgoing) 20.00
           Customer (incoming) 15.00
           International Wire Transfer (outgoing) 45.00
           International Wire Transfer (incoming) 45.00
Returned Item Fee/Overdraft Fee 38.00
          A Returned Item Fee/Overdraft Fee may result from:  
                              *The return of checks due to insufficient funds;  
                              *The payment of checks and electronic funds transfers;  
                              *Withdrawal request; or  
                              *Payments authorized by you.  
Consecutive Overdraft (After 30 days overdrawn) 5.00 per 5 calendar days
Overdraft Protection Transfer 10.00 per transfer
Returned Items  
          Previously Deposited without special handling 10.00
          Previously Deposited with special handling 12.00
Night Depository Bags  
           Canvas locking bag 20.00
           Disposable bags (per 50) 15.00
Night Depository Service (per drop) 1.25
Account Reconcilement (per hour) 25.00
Research Fees (per hour) ($25 minimum plus $2.00 per page) 25.00
Check Copy (per item) 2.00
Stop Payment Order 35.00
Online Stop Payment Order 20.00
Collection Items  
           Incoming 15.00
           Outgoing (plus fee from paying bank) 25.00
Interim Account Statement (without items) 5.00
Official Checks  
           Customer 5.00
Returned Items (previously deposited) 10.00
Account Closing within 90 days of opening 25.00
Inactive Account Fee (12 months of inactivity) 5.00 per month
Charge-off Collection Fee 35.00
Non-Customer Check Cashing  
           Government Checks 5.00
           Tax Refund Check 1% of amount with a minimum of $35
Notary Fee  
           Customers No Charge
           Non-customers 5.00
Legal Processing Fees (tax levies, etc.) 100.00
ATM Cards  
           Reissue of ATM Card 5.00
           Reissue of ATM Pin 5.00
           Express Replacement of ATM Card 45.00
Travelers Checks 2% of purchase amount
Wrap Loose Coins  
           Customers 5% of dollar value(2.00 minimum)
Coin/Currency Supplied- Non-customers only  
           Coin Supplied, per roll .08 (3.00 minimum charge)
           Currency Supplied, per strap .25 (3.00 minimum charge)
Image Statement Fee (per month) 5.00

Duplicate Statement Option (statement mailed to additional account holder)


Safe Deposit Box Rental Fees  
           Box Size Annual Rental Fees  
                      3"x5" 35.00
                      3"x10" 55.00
                      5"x10" 65.00
                      10"x10" 100.00
           Box Rent Past Due 30 Days $10.00 late fee
           Box Drilling Fee 250.00