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No two people are alike. Just like no two credit needs are the same. At Greer State Bank, we strive to get you the perfect loan.

court Consumer Loans
There are lots of things you may want money for. That’s why we have competitive terms and interest rates with plenty of different loan options. But one thing is the same within all of them - our commitment to making the borrowing process as simple and pleasant as possible. For more information please contact us.

piggybank Home Equity Line of Credit
Need money for college tuition or to add that extra room to your home? Our home equity line - a revolving, open-ended line of credit secured by your home - is a great way to provide extra cash when you need it. Once you're approved, you can write yourself a loan up to your approved credit limit - for any reason and at any time. All without reapplying. Contact us to discuss your Home Equity Line needs.

Home equity lines are subject to credit approval and trade area limitations. Interest paid is generally tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for details.

house Mortgage Loans
Owning your own home is more possible than you might think. Let our staff of mortgage loan specialists help you design the right loan for your new home. With competitive mortgage loan programs and a professional staff that looks out for your interests, the process of financing your new home can actually add to the enjoyment of buying a home.

We specialize in:
  •  Fixed Rate Mortgages
  •  Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  •  Construction Loans
  •  Refinancing Options

Click here to learn more about our Mortgage Department.

car New and Used Vehicle Loans
Are you in the market for a new or used vehicle? If so, come see us before you buy. We offer a variety of financing options for qualified borrowers on both new and used cars. 

All loans are subject to credit approval and trade area limitations.