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Traditional Banking Questions | Online Banking Questions | eBonus Checking Questions 

Traditional Banking Questions
  1. Can I do all of my banking with Greer State Bank?
    • Yes. Greer State Bank is a full-service bank for both personal and commercial customers. We invite you to review our products and services by clicking on the appropriate button above for a complete listing. For a solution to your particular need, please contact us or by calling (864) 877-2000.
  2. Are Greer State Bank deposit accounts insured by the FDIC?
    • Yes. All deposit accounts at Greer State Bank are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000. Your funds in retirement accounts at Greer State Bank are insured up to the $250,000 limit by the FDIC. Details and calculators are available at the FDIC's Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimatorwebsite.
  3. How do I make a deposit to my account from a remote location?
    • You can do most of your banking by using direct deposit or preauthorized electronic transactions. Greer State Bank also offers a bank by mail service, which allows you to mail in deposits. Contact us for details on the method that's best for you.
  4. Can I get information about my account by phone?
    • Yes. Account information is available from our Relationship Bankers during normal banking hours at any of our office locations. Greer State Bank also offers account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling TELEBANKER, our automated voice response system. TELEBANKER may be accessed by calling (864) 879-BANK or 879-2265.
  5. How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check or Social Security check?
    • If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide your account number and Greer State Bank's routing and transit number (053202062) to your company's payroll department. Arranging for direct deposit of your Social Security check is just as easy. Simply contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and provide your Social Security number, account number and Greer State Bank's routing and transit number (053202062).
  6. My wallet has been lost or stolen. Who do I call to report my lost or stolen cards?
    • To report a missing Greer State Bank debit or ATM card, please call 1-800-554-8969. To report a missing Greer State Bank credit card, please call 1-800-854-7642.
Online Banking Questions
  1. How much will I pay for using Online Banking and Bill Pay?
    • There is no charge for Personal Online Banking and Bill Pay from Greer State Bank.
  2. How do I sign up for Personal Online Banking?
    • Simply click here or go to the Enroll Now link on the homepage and follow the instructions for first time users.
  3. What will I be able to do through Personal Online Banking?
    • Through Personal Online Banking, you will be able to:
      • Access balance information and transaction histories of your Greer State Bank accounts
      • Make loan payments and transfer funds between Greer State Bank accounts
      • Pay bills quickly and easily using our Bill Pay Service
      • Balance your finances at any day or time of the month
      • Download transactions to financial software products such as Quicken and Microsoft Money
      • Order checks online through our Online Services button
      • Place stop payments online
      • View images of statements up to 24 months in the past
  4. Who should I contact if I have problems with Personal Online Banking?
    • Call us at (864) 877-2000 during regular banking hours and ask to speak to one of our Online Banking specialists. You may email us by clicking here with your questions or by clicking on the Contact Us button.
  5. How frequently is my Greer State Bank account information updated?
    • Transactions occurring at one of our branches, through the TELEBANKER system or through our Online Banking system are posted to your account immediately. Transactions occurring at the ATM are posted to your account at the conclusion of the business day. To view transactions posting to your account on the current day, select the Current Business Day option under the Transactions menu.
  6. How do I export my account information to financial management software, such as Microsoft Money, Quicken, or QuickBooks?
    • Exporting your account information is easy. Simply log on to Online Banking, click on your account number, go to the Transactions dropdown menu and select Export. On the Export screen, you can select the date range, transaction type, and file type.
  7. Can other people on the Internet see my account information?
    • Electronic transactions performed over the Internet are more private than traditional paper transactions. The electronic information that travels from your computer to our Online Banking System through the Internet is securely encoded by a complex procedure called encryption. Additionally, your online access is restricted by the use of your personal password and other information known only to you.
  8. Is it possible for someone to gain access to my account information through the Internet?
    • This would require the ability to break the encryption code used in Online Banking. Encryption is a complex mathematical process that allows information to be translated into a secure language. The information can only be decoded using the right "key". The encryption we use employs a maximum of 128 characters or bits. While using our Online Banking system, all communication from you to the system and from the system back to you is encrypted using this method. Of course, you should always safeguard your password and other personal information about your accounts.
  9. How can I protect my accounts and personal information while I bank online?
    • Greer State Bank takes numerous steps to keep your account and personal information secure. However, you must also maintain the security of your own banking information. Memorize your Online Banking password. This password authenticates you every time you begin an Online Banking session. Never write down your password or reveal it to anyone. Change your password on a regular basis. 
      Remember to sign off when you are finished banking, especially if you are not using your own personal computer.
eBonus Checking Questions
  1. How long do I have to post my 10 debit transactions?
    • You will have up to the last business day of the month before 5:00 p.m. when our business day ends. Keep in mind the merchant must post the transactions by this time.
  2. What is the 'bonus' of having an eBonus Checking account compared to other checking accounts?
    • The greatest benefit of eBonus Checking is that it is a free checking account that allows you to earn interest on your balance. Below is a list of 'bonus' features of the account:

      • Earn a premium rate on balances up to $25,000; earn a slightly lower rate on balances that exceed $25,000
      • Unlimited, nationwide ATM fee reimbursement
      • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
      • Free Visa debit card
      • eStatements 
  3. What are the monthly requirements I must meet to earn the premium interest rate on my checking account?
    • Meeting the monthly requirements is easy. All you need to do is: 

      • Complete at least one (1) ACH or direct deposit per month
      • Complete a minimum of 10 Visa Check Card debit transactions per month (excludes ATM transactions)
      • Sign up for eStatements instead of paper statements (electronic statements are secure and you will be notified by email when they are available in Online Banking)
      • Supply and maintain a valid email address 
  4. What is the minimum opening balance?
    • $100
  5. Are there minimum account requirements?
    • No, there are no minimum deposit requirements, no minimum balance requirements, and no monthly fees to maintain this account. However, you must agree to accept your monthly statement electronically in order to qualify for this account.
  6. Are there any monthly fees associated with the account?
    • No, there are no monthly fees to maintain this account.
  7. How is interest calculated?
    • Interest will be accrued on a daily basis and applied to your account on a monthly basis.
  8. When is the interest earned applied to my account?
    • Interest is applied monthly at the close of each statement cycle (all monthly account requirements must be met).
  9. How will I know if I have met the monthly requirements for the account?
    • You can use your unlimited access to Online Banking in order to monitor the transactions you have completed during the month.
  10. Will I still earn interest if I fail to meet the monthly requirements?
    • When the account requirements are not met, your account will accrue our standard competitive checking account rate (instead of the premium rate). If you meet the account requirements the following month, you will receive the premium interest rate.
  11. If I fail to meet the monthly requirements during this statement cycle, will I still have a chance to meet them next month?
    • Yes, the requirements are for each month.
  12. Can the interest rate change for this account?
    • Yes, Greer State Bank reserves the right to change all rates related to eBonus Checking. However, at this time Greer State Bank has no plans to make any changes to the account features.
  13. Is this a teaser rate?
    • No. At this time, Greer State Bank has no plans to change the rates.
  14. How do I get reimbursements for my ATM fee charges?
    • Your account will be automatically reimbursed. This allows you to access any ATM, nationwide, with no worry about fee charges.
  15. Is there a limit to the ATM fee reimbursements I may receive?
    • No. You have unlimited nationwide ATM reimbursements.
  16. If I use my Check Card at an ATM, will the transaction count toward my requirements?
    • No, only POS (Point of Sale) debit transactions count toward your minimum transactions.
  17. May I "carry forward" Check Card transactions in excess of the required number to the next statement cycle?
    • No. The minimum transaction requirement must be met each month.
  18. How do I set up direct deposit to my eBonus Checking account?
    • Provide your employer (or other institution that provides you with regular payment, e.g. Social Security) with your account number and Greer State Bank's routing number.
  19. What qualifies as an ACH or direct deposit to meet the requirements for earning the premium interest rate?
    • Any item that is automatically credited to your account, such as payroll or Social Security qualifies as direct deposit. Any transaction that is electronically debited from your account, such as a bill payment or an automatic draft, qualifies as an ACH.
  20. Is this account FDIC insured?
    • Yes, according to FDIC regulations.
  21. How do I open up an eBonus Checking account?
    • To open this account online, simply click here or click on the Apply Now button on the Personal Checking page. You may also stop by your local branch to open this account.
  22. Can I convert my existing Greer State Bank checking account to an eBonus Checking account?
    • Yes, simply stop by or call your local branch.
  23. If I convert my existing Greer State Bank checking account will my account number or statement cycle change?
    • Your account number will remain the same. You will also keep your existing checks and Debit Card. The statement cycle for eBonus Checking is a calendar month cycle. The last day of the month will be the end of your statement cycle.
  24. Can I have overdraft protection with this account?
    • Yes. Greer State Bank offers several overdraft protection options to choose from.
  25. If my account balance goes negative during the month, will I still be able to qualify for the bonus features during that statement cycle?
    • Yes, as long as all of the requirements for the month were met.
  26. Who will the email notifying me that my electronic statement is available be from?
  27. What will be in the subject line of my eStatement?
    • The subject line will say, "Your DDA Account Statement is available."
  28. Do I have a certain time period to make my transactions?
    • Yes. Transactions must be posted by 3:00pm of the last business day of the month. Greer State Bank has no control of when the merchant submits their posts.
  29. Do I have a certain time period to make my transactions?
    • Yes. Visa Check Card Debit  transactions must be posted by 5:00 p.m. of the last business day of the month. Greer State Bank has no control of when the merchant submits their posts.