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About Us

Who we are is a lot more about you than it is about us. But here is our take on things.

Who we are has everything to do with who you are and our local community.  It is what defines us and drives us to serve you well.
Lots of banks say they care.  We show it to our customers in meaningful ways every day.  At Greer State Bank, we prefer handshakes and first names.  We are part of the community, and sure, we even know who won the Friday night game.  That comes from many years of taking the time to get to know people.
For over 25 years, we have maintained a focus on delivering practical solutions for the financial needs of the community because we care about  the needs of your business, your family...and your financial future.
At Greer State Bank,
  • Compassion for our customers is demonstrated in every transaction regardless of size, significance or frequency
  • Trust is earned and expected because we treat customers as real people
  • Caring about the financial needs of individuals and businesses drives our desire to serve customers well
  • Community is more than supporting the local area--its where we live, what defines us, and why we care
  • Consistently delivering exceptional customer service is our steadfast commitment

Over two decades ago, twelve Greer businessman had a dream: a dream that they could make a difference in the community where they lived and worked.  These men worked hard to make their dream come true and in 1989, they opened the doors to Greer State Bank.

They were people just like you.  People who had a vision to make something happen and did just that.  In that spirit, we have spent the last two decades  helping others create their dreams by helping them build houses, schools, churches, businesses and even families.  And while many things may have changed in Greer since we first opened our doors, the feeling we get every time we help others with their dreams still feels as good as when we first reached our own.

Stop by or call us (864-877-2000) today to find out how we can help you build for your future.